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Have you found signs of vermin in your home? Do you hear strange noises or notice an unusual smell? Perhaps you’ve found droppings and fear you may have rats or mice? No one should have to cope with the presence of vermin in their home or place of work, which is why our team are here to help.

We can remove just about any pest you could imagine.

At Total Pest Control we want to help people when they’re faced with pests, which is why we can offer the safe removal of:

Whatever pest you need help with, we always begin by performing a free survey that is completed by a RSPH Level Two Total Pest Control surveyor. Depending on the pest will depend on the method we use, however before anything happens we will discuss it in depth with you.

Whether you’re dealing with a pest in your place of work or home, we appreciate the problem can be embarrassing or damaging, so we aim to be discreet and respectful at all times.

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