Total Pest Control were recently contacted by Midland Building Services to provide a bird proofing solution to one of their current sites.

The site in question is situated in an area which is very rich with game birds and there is a reoccurring issue with partridge roosting and subsequently fouling on the roof of a farm that is being converted in to a private dwelling.

We were advised that Midland’s client that they absolutely did not want a spiking system to be put in place and instead required a discreet but effective alternative solution.

We therefore arranged for one of our surveyors to attend site and carry out a survey to identify the best option. Some of the pictures for the initial survey can be found below:



After some careful consideration it was decided that the system that ticked the most boxes is pin and wire. However, there was one drawback to the system, traditionally the pin needs a relatively deep solid foundation to be drilled into to take the strain of the wire. In this case though we were dealing with a porous Cotswold stone which means drilling in to it can be risky and it will not provide a firm foundation.

After consultation with some of our trusted suppliers and with members of staff internally it was decided that we could use a combination of fixing in to the brickwork and industrial adhesive to secure the pins using ‘A’ frame ridge bracket an example of which is below.

The solution proved very effective and met the clients demands and needs perfectly. It was slightly more time consuming as we had to be extremely careful when drilling not to damage the material or effect the buildings water tightness.

The finished project:

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