What are the signs that I am suffering from Fleas?

The most prevalent symptom of having a flea problem is the feeling of being bitten. Fleas are parasitic and need to break the surface of the skin to find blood.

A flea bite does not hurt in itself; it is the irritation around the red spot that elicits discomfort and itchiness.

As Fleas can easily transmit between both humans and pets, another noticeable sign is continuous itching.

Problems arising from Fleas?

It is very rare in the United Kingdom for Fleas to transmit diseases. However, they can cause considerable distress to young children, who play on the floor, and pets.

Fleas can lie dormant for up to two years, resulting in the problem not being fully eradicated even if the biting stops.

How do I get rid of Fleas?

If you suspect that you have fleas the very first thing to do is to vacuum the entire house and wash any pet bedding on a high heat. However, if the problem remains then professional help is required.

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