Hornets are not only a nuisance but can also pose a significant threat to your safety. Their nests, often found in attics, eaves, trees, and other secluded areas, can quickly become hazardous if not addressed promptly. At Total Pest Control, we specialise in safe, efficient, and professional hornet nest removal, ensuring your home and property are protected from these aggressive pests. Our expert technicians utilise numerous advanced techniques to not only remove hornets, but also to prevent infestations from arising down the line. 

With the BBC reporting that Asian hornets survived the UK winter for the first time in 2023/24, hornet nest removal services are becoming more critical. The infestation is particularly prominent in the Kent area, but could spread nationally. Tackle these pests today. 

How Does Hornet Nest Removal Work?

Hornet nest removal involves a systematic process to ensure safety and effectiveness. First, we will conduct a thorough inspection to locate the nest and assess the size of the infestation, before creating a customised removal plan. Our trained technicians, equipped with protective gear, will then carefully eliminate the hornets and remove the nest using professional tools and environmentally friendly methods. The area is then cleaned, and preventive measures, such as sealing entry points, are implemented to deter future hornet activity.

Our Hornets Nest Removal Service

At Total Pest Control, we offer hornet nest removal services which are customised to each pest problem. Our experienced team conducts thorough inspections to determine the extent of the infestation before implementing our solution. Our hornets nest removal includes: 

Why Choose Total Pest Control For Hornet Nest Removal?

The Next Steps 

Do you have a hornets nest that needs tackling? Our expert pest control technicians have years of experience in providing effective hornet need removal services. Contact our team today. 

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Are hornets aggressive?

Hornets, even the larger Asian hornet, are generally less aggressive than the common wasp. However, they can become very aggressive if their nest is threatened or disturbed. Whilst they are not typically aggressive towards humans without provocation, their stings can be painful and may cause allergic reactions. This is why professional hornet nest removal is vital. 

How dangerous are hornet nests, and why should I not remove them myself?

Hornets can be very aggressive, especially when their nest is threatened. Attempting to remove a hornet nest without proper equipment and training can provoke the hornets, leading to multiple stings and potential harm. Our hornet nest removal is conducted by expert technicians who have the expertise and protective gear to handle the situation safely.

How can I prevent hornets from building nests on my property in the future?

After removing the hornet nest, our technicians will seal potential entry points and provide tips to make your property less attractive to hornets. This may include maintaining cleanliness, removing food sources, and regularly inspecting your property for early signs of nest building. Our hornet nest removal is designed to keep your property thoroughly protected.

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