The most common textile moth that you are likely to encounter is the Common Clothes Moth (Tineola bisselliella). There is however a different species (with clear differences) which too can cause destruction to any textiles.

Signs of a Textile Moth problem

The clearest indicator that you have textile moths will be through damage, usually small holes, in fabrics. There are a few other indications, which require a degree of diligence:

Problems associated with Carpet Moths

It is important stress that any textile moth is not a health risk to humans. The problems associated to them are purely in the textiles they seek to live in. Despite not being a health risk, it is however important to get swift treatment. Prolonged infestation can cause serious and irreversible damage to clothes, carpets, fabrics and even leather.

Hot to get rid of Carpet Moths

If there is a serious infestation of textile moths, a residual spray and fogging are the only options. The nature of the Moth’s lifespan means it is necessary to spray the whole property to ensure that your pest problem does not resurface.

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