Flying Insects Control

Most businesses or households will at some point encounter a flying insect problem of some degree. The most common flying insects that both our commercial and residential customers are likely to come in to contact with are Wasps.

These flying insects are relatively harmless unless disturbed until the latter part of the season when their foraging is done however Wasp can sometimes become too much of a nuisance for us to share our workplace or home with and Total Pest Control have methods of eradicating these insects with little or no disruption to the property.

Home owners and certain businesses may also can also encounter the other flying insect pests such as the clothes moth, that can literally take over your business or home and cause lots of damage to natural fibres and fabrics.

Then there is the fruit fly which cannot all be a health hazard to a business but also cause reputation damage in places like restaurants and shops.

An infestation of these insects requires expert treatment in the short term and an integrated pest management system to completely eradicate it in the long term and Total Pest Control has various techniques both physical and chemical to do just that.

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