Rodent and bird activity in loft spaces can result in insulation becoming contaminated. As well as carrying a risk of disease, rodents can chew insulation to use for nesting materials. Contaminated insulation can cause serious health issues for yourself, as well as other family members or employees if your pest problem is commercial. Furthermore, damage to insulation will cause heat to escape from your home quicker. This will increase your heating bills and energy usage. We can help your home or business with our loft insulation removal service.

At Total Pest Control, we provide customised loft insulation removal services for domestic households and commercial premises. Whether the problem is rodent or bird infestation or general mould and decay, our loft clearance and insulation services provide an effective solution. Contact our team of qualified experts today for a free inspection and a no-obligation quote. 

Loft Insulation Removal

How Does Loft Insulation Removal Work?

Loft insulation removal services involve a thorough assessment of the existing insulation condition. This includes extensively checking for signs of damage, pests, or contamination. The loft insulation clearance process consists of extracting the current insulation material from the attic space. Our experienced professionals ensure safety measures are maintained throughout the procedure to minimise exposure to insulation materials and potential contaminants. 

Our Loft Insulation Removal Service

At Total Pest Control, we offer customised loft insulation clearance services designed to eliminate pests and remove contaminated insulation. Our experienced team conducts thorough inspections, develops customised removal plans, and implements safe and efficient procedures. Contact our team today for our quick and effective loft clearance and insulation. 

Our loft insulation removal and replacement service includes:

Loft Insulation Removal

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How often should loft insulation be changed?

The frequency at which loft insulation removal is required depends on multiple factors, such as the type of insulation material used and its condition. Generally, loft insulation has a lifespan of 20-30 years. However, it is advisable to assess insulation every 10-15 years for signs of wear, damage, or rat infestation. If you notice any issues, contact our experts at Total Pest Control for a thorough inspection and professional advice tailored to your specific situation.

Do you have to remove insulation to get rid of rats?

In cases of rat infestation, removal and replacement of insulation may be necessary as rats tend to nest within these materials. At Total Pest Control, we employ an integrated pest management approach, which may include loft insulation removal, sealing entry points, and employing traps or baits. Replacing loft insulation after rats addresses the root cause of the issue and prevents future occurrences, ensuring a comprehensive solution to the pest problem.

How much does loft insulation removal cost?

The cost of loft insulation clearance can vary depending on factors such as insulation type, infestation level, and accessibility. At Total Pest Control, we offer personalised assessments to provide accurate cost estimates. Factors influencing cost include the insulation material, the extent of contamination or damage, and the ease of access to conduct the loft insulation removal.

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