How do I get rid of Bees?

To treat and get rid of Bees is not as clear-cut as with other pests. This is chiefly because far from being a ‘pest’, Bees are an extremely important part of society; Einstein estimated that if Bees were to become extinct, humanity would suffer the same fate within five years. It is because of this that Total Pest Control shall only treat Bees if it is considered as an emergency, otherwise the help of a Beekeeper should be sought initially who has the ability to move the nest.

Our policy to treatment differs depending on what type of Bee you are suffering from:

Honey Bee Treatment:

Masonry/Mortar Bee Treatment:

Total Pest Control will not treat a Mortar/Masonry Bee problem. This is because:

Instead of treatment, prevention of future problems should be sought. This is achieved by re-pointing areas of damaged mortar on walls and chimneys.

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