What are the signs of a Pharaoh Ant problem?

The main sign that you have a Pharaoh Ant problem is seeing actually seeing them in your place of work. There would be a continual route along which the ants use, normally taking food from wherever they have sourced it, back to their nest which is often deep in the cavities of well heated buildings.

Problems associated with  Pharaoh Ants

How to get rid of Pharaoh Ants

Unlike Garden Ants who only have 1 Queen, Pharaoh Ants are polygynous, meaning they can have any number of Queens.  This greater independence results in a residual spray not being the best treatment, as that would only serve to scatter the ants, and in-fact worsen your situation.

Pharaoh Ants population can quickly spiral into a colony of many thousands, so if you suspect a Pharaoh ant problem  do not hesitate to call us on 01235819511 as they require immediate, professional treatment.

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