At Total Pest Control, we specialise in providing effective and environmentally responsible solutions for managing pest bird populations. Our bird netting for roofs offers a safe and non-toxic approach to keeping unwanted birds away from your property. Unlike traditional methods that may involve harmful chemicals or traps, our bird netting installation ensures minimal disruption to the surrounding environment while effectively excluding targeted bird species. 

Bird netting for roofs is one of the more popular methods of bird control. A correctly installed system is very difficult to see from a distance. This therefore makes bird netting installation an aesthetically pleasing method of bird control. A netting system that is left untouched should have a lifespan of 10 + years and requires no on-going maintenance. The system does not harm the birds, merely preventing them from accessing a specified location.

How Does Bird Netting Installation Work?

At Total Pest Control, our bird netting installation process begins with a thorough property assessment to pinpoint areas of bird activity. We then custom-design and install high-quality netting, creating a physical barrier to prevent roosting and nesting without harming the birds. Our bird netting for roofs ensures durability and effectiveness, providing long-lasting results for keeping your property bird-free while prioritising environmental safety.

Our Bird Netting For Roofs Service

At Total Pest Control, we provide effective bird netting installation for homes and businesses alike. Our team of qualified technicians conducts through inspections before installing our bird netting for roofs solution. Trust in Total Pest Control for quick and effective bird netting installation. Contact our team today and free your space from avian pests. 

As part of our bird netting for roofs service, Total Pest Control can offer:

New Bird Netting

Bird Netting
A recent Bird Netting installation carried out by our team

Total Pest Control can install new bird netting systems to almost any area of a building at any height or angle. All of our expert bird control technicians hold IPAF and Abseil licences, meaning that height is not an issue when we conduct a bird netting for roof installation.

Re-instating / Repairing Bird Netting:

Total Pest Control can completely replace old nets using the original fixings or simply repair sections of netting. Our bird netting for roof service includes re-installing or repairing netting to make sure it is fully effective in deterring avian pests from infesting your property.


As part of our bird installation services, our team can install 330mm, 500mm, 1000mm and 2000mm zips into netting to allow access for maintenance to such things as air-conditioning units or lights through the net line. Prior to conducting our bird netting for roof installation, our team will discuss your needs and requirements with regards to installing zips.

The Next Step

All of our pigeon and bird netting work is completely tailor made to your particular circumstances. Please call Total Pest Control today on 01235 819511 to arrange a free, no-obligation survey from one of our specialist bird control surveyors. Alternatively, use the contact buttons below:

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How does bird netting work to control pest birds?

Bird netting for roofs is a highly effective method for eradicating birds by physically blocking their access to specific areas. The netting is typically made from durable materials such as nylon or polyethylene, designed to withstand weather conditions and bird pressure. When installed, bird netting creates a barrier that prevents birds from landing, roosting, or nesting in unwanted areas such as rooftops, warehouses, or agricultural fields.

What types of areas can benefit from bird netting installation?

Bird netting services provided by Total Pest Control are versatile and can be tailored to suit various environments and applications. Common areas that benefit from bird netting include commercial buildings, industrial facilities, agricultural sites, outdoor dining areas, airports, and residential properties. Whether you’re dealing with pigeons, seagulls, sparrows, or other pest bird species, our bird netting solutions are both humane and effective. 

Is bird netting installation safe for the environment and other wildlife?

Yes, bird netting installation is environmentally safe. Unlike conventional methods involving chemicals or traps, bird netting offers a non-toxic, eco-friendly solution for managing pest birds. It excludes targeted species without harming them, minimising disruption to the ecosystem. Our installation team follows best practices to minimise impact on non-targeted wildlife, ensuring effective and environmentally responsible pest control.

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