A pin and wire system consists of a spring wire proofing consists of slim marine grade (BS316) stainless steel pins, drilled into the surface material and fitted with a water excluding plug.  0.45mm marine grade, braided stainless steel wire is suspended between each pin; this wire is held under light tension with a stainless steel spring. The system does not harm the birds but does prevent them from landing.  It requires no on-going maintenance after installation.

Pin And Wire InstallationPin and Wire


4mm marine grade (BS316) stainless steel, 150mm or 100mm long


25mm x 0.36mm stainless steel, 26.5kg/m tension


6.5mm diameter, 25mm long, glass filled nylon


0.45mm nylon coated stainless steel, 22kg test

The system can be used on buildings (window sills, pipes, signs, beams, ledges, gutters and roof ridges) to protect against medium to light populations of gulls and pigeons.

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