Pigeon Guano Removal, Cleaning and Disinfection

There are several diseases linked to birds and their droppings some of which are referenced below. Therefore, it is essential you employ the services of a professional company experienced in guano removal to ensure you are protecting yourself, visitors, employees and business.

As well as health, associated issues bird droppings feathers and nesting materials can also lead to structural damage.For example, droppings from gulls and pigeons contain uric acid which if left untreated will dissolve brick work and piping causing thousands of pounds of damage.

Nesting materials can also lead to blocked drainage and guttering which could mean potential water ingress to your building if not cleared. Then there are the secondary pests that can be find their way in to your building from a bird’s nest or fouling such as ticks, parasites, red mite and Bactria.

Total Pest Control can undertake extensive cleaning and disinfection programs using the latest cleaning techniques and chemicals to ensure any harmful or corrosive residue is completely removed.

Example of Our Pigeon Guano Removal


Guano Clearance Before After


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