Optical gel are natural gels which have been created to keep all birds away from the areas that the dishes are fixed. The gel emits ultraviolet light that birds process as fire.

Total Pest Control have used optical gel on a number of different building including in loading bays and on office block and have always found the product an effective way of keeping an are free of birds.

The system is incredibly versatile and can be used in virtually any scenario where the gel dish can be secured both inside or outside. The system requires no ongoing maintenance for the life of the product

Optical Gel InstallationBird Control Opitcal Gel

The dishes should be installed on ledges at a rate as follows

Low pressure (day roosts): 1 dish per 250mm

Medium pressure (night roosts): 1 dish per 200mm

High pressure (nesting sites): 1 dish per 150mm

The system can last for 3 years if installed correctly.

The system does not harm the birds but does scare them from landing.

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