Total Pest Control have over 40 years’ experience carrying out grain fumigation services to all types of commodities. Working out of our two offices in Oxfordshire & Devon, we can offer a fast, friendly, and safe service regardless of your location or your issue. Whether you require Grain Fumigation Bristol, Gloucester, Norfolk, or indeed anywhere in the UK, call the experts.

Our expert grain fumigation services are designed to protect your agricultural assets and provide peace of mind. Our certified team utilises advanced techniques to safeguard your grain storage facilities from pests, ensuring thorough treatment and strict adherence to safety standards. Contact us today for reliable solutions that preserve the integrity of your operations.

How Do Grain Fumigation Services Work?

At Total Pest Control, our grain fumigation services involve sealing the storage facility and introducing gaseous pesticides (fumigants) to eliminate pests within stored grain. Our process ensures thorough penetration of the grain mass, targeting pests at all life stages. After treatment, the facility is ventilated to remove fumigants, making the grain safe for storage or distribution. Choose Total Pest Control for quick and efficient grain fumigation services. 

Our Grain Fumigation Process

At Total Pest Control, we offer expert grain fumigation services, beginning with a thorough inspection to identify pests and determine the best fumigant and application method. Our trained technicians utilise advanced equipment and strict safety protocols to effectively eliminate pests while preserving grain quality. Our expert grain fumigation services include:

Grain Fumigation Pests

Our grain fumigation service using aluminium phosphide will eliminate all sources of your current pest issue. It will also destroy all life cycles. As a result, the service is fully guaranteed. This treatment is effective on Beetles, Borers, Weevils, Moths, and Cockroaches. Protect your grains from pest contamination with our grain fumigation services.

Grain Fumigation Food Products

Aluminium phosphide is a safe solution for a number of products. It leaves no lasting damage. Therefore your product will be safe to be transported a few days after our treatment has been concluded.

Over the years we have treated all types of food products. These include : Rice, wheat, maize, oats, barley, rye as well as coffee beans, processed cereals and grains, condiments, nuts, and chocolate. Whatever you produce, our grain fumigation services can help!

Why Use Total Pest Control’s Grain Fumigation Service?

Grain Fumigation 2

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Why is fumigation necessary for grain cargo?

Grain fumigation services are necessary for grain cargo to eliminate pests, preserve grain quality, and meet regulatory standards. Pests like insects and rodents can infest stored grain, causing contamination and quality loss. Fumigation effectively eradicates pests, ensuring thorough control and preventing the spread of infestations during transportation and storage. 

Is grain fumigation safe for human health and the environment?

Yes, our grain fumigation services prioritise safety and environmental responsibility. At Total Pest Control, we follow strict protocols, employ trained professionals, and utilise advanced monitoring and ventilation systems to minimise risks to health and the environment. Comprehensive risk assessments and consultations are available to address any concerns.

What precautions should I take before scheduling grain fumigation?

Before scheduling our grain fumigation services, ensure that all grain equipment and facilities are cleaned for effectiveness. Remove any debris that could interfere. Inform relevant personnel about safety protocols to prevent unauthorised access. Comply with regulatory requirements and obtain necessary permits. Our team can guide you through preparation.

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