At Total Pest Control, our Bird of Prey pest control services offer an effective and humane solution to bird infestations. Utilising trained raptors including hawks and falcons we deter nuisance birds such as pigeons, seagulls, and starlings from your property. Our skilled handlers strategically deploy these predators to patrol high bird activity areas, ensuring environmentally friendly pest management. Whether for commercial, agricultural, or residential sites, our Bird of Prey services provide a sustainable solution to protect your premises.

We offer quick and effective hawk pest control to combat pigeon infestations on your property. Our expert bird handlers have strong experience in delivering high-quality hawk pest control and freeing properties for pigeon infestations. At Total Pest Control, we also have provisions to offer falcon pest control which is used to fight seagull activity in coastal areas. Contact our team today and see how bird of prey pest control offers the perfect solution.

How Does Bird of Prey Pest Control Work?

Bird of prey pest control involves training birds to hunt and scare off avian pests in environments such as agricultural fields, airports, and urban areas. Deployed by experienced handlers, these birds reduce pest populations naturally without chemicals or traps, relying on their hunting instincts to deter pests. Handlers strategically release the birds to target problem areas, and ongoing monitoring ensures effectiveness and bird welfare.

At Total Pest Control, our bird of prey pest control includes:

Bird Of Prey Method

At Total Pest Control, our bird of prey pest control methods are thorough. As part of this bird control process one of our live captive predator birds is flown around an infested site to scare the local population of birds and therefore disperse the birds from the infested area.

The birds are kept a weight whereby they have been given enough food so that they do not kill the target birds but not enough food to mean the bird needs to sit and digest the food and not fly. This helps to ensure that our bird of prey pest control is both effective and humane. Birds of prey are very versatile and can be used at a multitude of sites both small and large scale. Total Pest Control have used birds of prey at sites ranging from office blocks and shopping outlets to landfill sites. 

The process of bird control using a bird of prey will usually involve several intensive treatments over a short period of time and then ongoing scheduled visits over a longer time scale. It is recommended that Birds of Prey are used as part of an overall bird control strategy. Contact Total Pest Control today to discuss how hawk pest control can be used to tackle pigeon infestations. Our team will put together a bird control solution to eradicate your pest problem.

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Are bird of prey pest control services humane?

Yes, our bird of prey pest control services are entirely humane. Unlike traditional pest control methods that may involve trapping or poisoning, our approach utilises the natural predator-prey relationship. The presence of raptors acts as a deterrent to nuisance birds, without causing them harm. Additionally, we prioritise the well-being of the raptors themselves, ensuring they are properly cared for and not unduly stressed during their duties.

What types of properties can benefit from bird of prey pest control services?

Bird of prey pest control services are beneficial for a wide range of properties, including commercial buildings, warehouses, agricultural facilities, airports, parks, and residential areas. Any location experiencing issues with pest birds, such as roosting, nesting, or causing damage, can benefit from our services. Our expert bird of prey pest control provides an environmentally friendly solution to keep properties bird-free and occupants satisfied.

What birds of prey get rid of pigeons?

Falcons, hawks, and eagles are all effective at deterring pigeons. Peregrine Falcons, known for their speed, along with Harris’s Hawks and larger raptors like eagles, are commonly used for this purpose. At Total Pest Control, we utilise these trained raptors to efficiently eliminate pigeon infestations, ensuring effective bird of prey pest control is delivered. 

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