Total Pest Control can offer a bird of prey service as part of our bird control service.

Bird Of Prey Method

As part of this process one of our live captive predator birds are flown around a selected site to scare the local population of birds and therefore disperse the birds from the infested area.

The birds are kept a weight whereby they have been given enough food so that they do not kill the target birds but not enough food to mean the bird needs to sit and digest the food and not fly.

Birds of prey are very versatile and can be used at a verity different sites both small and large scale. For examples of Total Pest Control have used birds of prey at sites ranging from office blocks and shopping outlets to landfill sites.

The process of bird control using a bird of prey will usually involve several intensive treatments over a short period of time and then ongoing scheduled visits over a longer time scale.

It is recommended that Birds of Prey are used as part of an overall bird control strategy

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