What are the clear signs of a Glis Glis infestation?

Glis Glis are active during a six-month period before going in to hibernation from roughly October to May, depending on local climate conditions. They are mostly active in the summer months.

Glis Glis are nocturnal (active between dusk and dawn), so it is often difficult to see them. There are however a few signs which could indicate that you are suffering from Glis Glis activity that requires help. These can include:

How to get rid of Glis Glis?

Quick Glis Glis control treatment is essential should you have an infestation. Glis are a species protected by the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 which prohibits certain methods of killing and trapping except under licence.

Total Pest Control hold the specialist licence needed to trap and kill Glis Glis if the animal is casing a risk to public health or public safety, or serious damage to crops, fruits, livestock etc.

To help you get rid of your Glis Glis problem Total Pest Control can offer a call out service. This will include:


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