Regardless of what exact species of Mouse you are suffering from, it is a pest that requires controlling and rapid elimination.

The Long Tailed Field Mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus)

What are the signs of a Mouse problem?

As Mice are crepuscular (active between dawn and dusk) and nocturnal animals, it is not always easy to physically spot them. There are however a few signs which could indicate that you are suffering from rodent activity that requires help. These can include:

Problems associated with Mice

How to get rid of Mice?

Quick treatment is essential should you have a rodent infestation. The three week gestation period means that even the smallest mouse problem could soon escalate into a serious situation that increases both risk to your health, but also the overall cost to treat your problem.

To help get rid of your Mouse problem Total Pest Control can offer a secure pest management call out service incorporating:


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