We have recently been tasked to carry out a series of COVID-19 Disinfectant treatments to a commercial site, carrying out key work where it was absolutely necessary for staff to remain in the office.

The size of the working area has resulted in a five-man team being used, with all social distancing measures observed throughout. The need for these COVID-19 disinfectant treatments is to help ensure the risk of transmission in this essential workplace is as small as possible.  The COVID-19 disinfectant treatment that we carried out on site fell into three basic categories – Wipe, Spray and Fog.


Covid-19 Disinfectant Treatment


Wipe: All surfaces, Door and Cupboard Handles, Walkway Bannisters, Desks, Keyboards, Kitchens, Light Switches on site were wiped down with a Virucidal disinfectant approved for use against all viruses, bacteria, and fungi




Spray: All lower areas:  Carpets, Laminate Flooring, Kick Plates, Hallways, Kitchens and Meeting Rooms were sprayed by a technician using a Virucidal disinfectant

Covid-19 Disinfectant Treatment 1


FOG: Once the first two have been completed, a member of the team walked around each specific area and filled the space with an additional virucide using a ULV (Molecular) Fogging unit to cover all nooks and crannies as well as areas already wiped and sprayed. This ensured that all specified areas of the site were treated before our technicians departed.



We have carried out a number of treatments already at this site, and we will continue to treat in the future to ensure the risk of the virus interrupting the business is minimised.

It still remains down to all individuals using these spaces to comply with all Government and WHO recommendations about handwashing and general hygiene requirement following our treatments. Our treatments cannot guarantee that a site will not face an issue in the future, but they absolutely help to greatly minimise the risk of the virus spreading.

Our COVID-19 Disinfectant treatment can be tailored for any home or commercial premises such as offices, schools, hospitals, care homes, warehouses. surgeries and many more.

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