Do you know Total Pest Control also provide a nationwide grain fumigation services using aluminium phosphide gas?

Total Pest Control have been carrying out grain fumigation services  and providing rejection free harvests for over 30 years.

 Nationwide Grain Fumigation

Our trusted fumigation treatments are specially tailored for:

Farmers (Silos)
Millers (Bins)
Shippers (Containers)

As soon as large commodities of grain, rice, animal food or similar products are stored in one place they will begin to attractive stored product insects which can damage and contaminate your stock.  Using Phosphine gas as a method of fumigation is one of the most popular methods of dealing with goods contaminated by pests. The reason it is widely used is because of how effective it is in reaching and penetrating deeply into your products. Simply put, phosphine gas destroys all sources and traces of contamination which cannot be reached any other way.

Grain fumigation treatments are extremely effective for all life stages of stored food insects such as Weevils, Beetles, Mites and Moths, and kills the many hundreds of eggs that could cause complete devastation to your commodities. Phosphide gas has the added benefit that it is strong enough to permeate through most containers, even cardboard, without causing any damage to the integrity of the packaging.

As members of the British Pest Control Association you can be assured all of Total Pest Control’s grain fumigation methods are fully compliant with industry standards and our technicians are trained to the highest possible standards.

What to expect from our nationwide grain fumigation service?

Treatment: Plastic sheets are placed over the commodity and the gas is introduced over a period of between 14 to 28 days (depending on temperature). During this period, the gas permeates through the commodity, killing all life stages of the stored product pest.

Quality Checks: Following this period, a gas detection apparatus is used to show that the gas concentration in all areas is the below the Occupational Exposure Standards (OES), and the current maximum exposure limit (MEL).

Certification: After these tests are successfully passed, Total Pest Control will provide you with a complete, in-depth fumigation certificate to show that we are both OES and MEL compliant.

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