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Have you seen the presence of a pest in your place of business? Do you worry that your commercial property has become home to a certain unwanted animal? Maybe you’re looking to address the problem ASAP before any customers notice? 

At Total Pest Control we understand that the presence of any pest in your commercial property can be detrimental to your business, so we can provide a quick, efficient, and dependable service to eliminate the problem.

When you hire us to handle any of the above, we always begin with a free survey conducted by an RSPH Level Two Total Pest Control surveyor. We understand that the presence of a pest is concerning, so we provide prompt and efficient service that you can depend upon.

We not only offer competitive prices, but we also strive to provide a discreet service that fits your needs and schedule. We promise to be respectful, friendly, and professional at all times, regardless of the pest we’re dealing with.
To get a quote on any of the pests listed on our website, call us on 01235 819511 or feel free to pop us a message via our contact form.

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