Total Pest Control specialises in providing effective bird control solutions for homes and businesses. Birds nesting on roofs can cause a variety of problems, from structural damage to health hazards. In this blog, we’ll explore the most common birds that tend to nest on roofs, focusing on seagulls, pigeons, and other frequent avian pests. Understanding these birds and the challenges they pose can help you take the necessary steps to protect your property.


Seagulls are one of the most common birds to nest on roofs, especially in coastal areas. These birds are highly adaptable and can thrive in urban environments where food is plentiful. Seagulls are medium to large birds with white and grey plumage, long wings, and stout bills. They typically build their nests in high places, such as rooftops, to keep their eggs safe from predators. These nests are made from grass, seaweed, and other available materials.

Seagulls are known for their loud and persistent calls, which can be a significant disturbance. During the nesting season, seagulls can become very protective of their nests and may act aggressively towards humans and pets. Their droppings can damage roofing materials and create unsanitary conditions. This is why bird removal from roofs is essential for seagulls. 


Pigeons are another common bird found nesting on rooftops, particularly in cities. These birds have adapted remarkably well to urban environments and can be a year-round nuisance. Pigeons are medium-sized birds with a variety of plumage colours, most commonly grey. They prefer flat surfaces for nesting, such as roof ledges, gutters, air conditioning units and solar panels. Their nests are usually simple platforms made of sticks and debris. 

Pigeon droppings are highly acidic and can cause significant damage to buildings and roofing materials. They also pose a health risk due to the pathogens they can carry. Their nests can block gutters and drains, leading to water damage and roof leaks highlighting the need for action. Pigeons breed rapidly, and a small problem can quickly escalate into a large infestation. 

Other Common Roof-Nesting Birds

While seagulls and pigeons are among the most common birds nesting on roofs, other birds can also pose problems. These can include starlings, house sparrows and swallows. At Total Pest Control, we can tackle the following birds, in addition to the more common pigeons and seagulls. 


Starlings are small to medium-sized birds with dark, speckled plumage. They often nest in cavities and can be found under roof tiles and in vents. Starlings can cause noise disturbances, block vents, and their droppings can even damage property. Bird proofing techniques like installing vent covers and using bird netting can help deter starlings from nesting.

House Sparrows

House sparrows are small, brown-grey birds that are highly adaptable to urban environments. Sparrows build nests in small crevices, including roof eaves and gaps in buildings. Their nests can clog gutters and downspouts, leading to significant water damage. Sealing gaps and using bird netting can prevent sparrows from nesting and protect your property. 


Swallows are small, agile birds with long, pointed wings. They are common bird found nesting on roofs. Swallows build mud nests on vertical surfaces, often under eaves and overhangs. Their nests can stain building exteriors and their droppings can create large messes. Installing bird spiking and using repellents can help keep swallows away from buildings.


At Total Pest Control, we provide several effective bird control services to address birds nesting on roofs. We offer bird spiking and bird netting and other bird proofing techniques to deter birds from nesting. We also remove birds from roofs by the use of highly trained birds of prey. Learn more about how our specialist bird control solutions can help eradicate your infestation.

Bird Spiking

Installing bird spikes on ledges and flat surfaces can deter seagulls from landing and nesting.

Bird Netting

Bird netting can cover large areas and prevent seagulls from accessing potential nesting sites.

Bird of Prey

Our fully trained and experienced handlers use birds of prey to remove birds nesting on roofs. 

Bird Proofing 

We use bird proofing techniques to deter birds from nesting on roofs and to stop them returning. 

Guano Removal 

Guano removal services ensure that your property is fully cleaned once bird control has been implemented. 

Protecting Solar Panels 

One of the key issues we have come across recently surrounds pigeons perching or nesting in between the gaps underneath solar panels. With more and more people taking the plunge and investing in a renewable energy source it is vital that the significant upfront investment is protected. At Total Pest Control, we offer solar panel pigeon proofing services to address this costly threat. Click on the link above to see how we can remove birds from roofs and solar panels. 


Birds nesting on roofs can be a significant problem, causing damage and creating health hazards. At Total Pest Control, we offer a range of bird control solutions tailored to address these challenges effectively. Whether you’re dealing with seagulls, pigeons, or other bird pests, our expert team can help protect your property by ensuring effective bird removal from roofs. Contact us today to arrange a site visit or for more information about our bird control services. Our team are experienced, fully qualified and have the ability to tackle any bird infestation.

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