Have you recently had solar panels installed? Are you noticing pigeons perching, or nesting, under the solar panels? The gap between the panels and the roof provide the perfect shelter for pigeons. Left untreated, they can cause considerable damage to your solar panels. This will reduce their overall effectiveness, as well as shortening their lifespan. Protect your investment and take action today. We can help with pigeon proofing of your solar panels. We’re so confident with our results, we guarantee you will have no pigeons under your panels.

Why Should I Take Action To Pigeon Proof Solar Panels?

Solar panels come with a high up-front cost. Their benefit and value is for them to work for a number of years. Therefore, it is important to take action as soon as you notice pigeons near them. Pigeons under solar panels can cause a significant number of potentially costly problems. From damage to reduced effectiveness, read why pigeon proofing solar panels is necessary. 

1. Damage

Pigeon guano is corrosive. Left untreated, it becomes harder to clean. Depending on where they are perching, their poo can cause wires to rot, or damage the main surface of your panels. Heavier pigeons may also cause structural damage by disturbing clips, or other fixings. Our guano removal service can get rid of any unwanted dropping littering your property. 

2. Eye & Ear Sore

You do not need a pest control professional to tell you, everyone knows pigeons are both messy and noisy. The more pigeons on your property, the greater the noise disruption through the roof each morning, or whilst your employees are working. Additionally, pigeons under solar panels and on your property will create a mess visitors to your home or business will see.

3. Impact On Effectiveness

Pigeon guano on the main panels will impact on their effectiveness. Over time, the yearly savings that the panels offer will reduce. When you make a costly investment with the goal of reducing energy bills, it is vital to look after the piece of kit which is vital for saving you money. This highlights the importance of pigeon proofing solar panels in maximising their effectiveness. 

4. Carriers Of Other Pests

Pigeons under solar panels can carry a number of different bird mites. These can find a way into your home or business easily through little gaps in your roof tiles. This will cause a significant crawling insect infestation which requires insecticidal pest control treatments to treat.

How Do I Stop Pigeons Under Solar Panels?

There are two options to consider when trying to stop pigeons nesting under your solar panels. As well as pigeon proofing solar panels, some generic housekeeping can also be helpful. 

1. Housekeeping

It is important to try and make your home or business less appealing to pigeons. Good housekeeping, such as removing outdoor food sources, keeping trees near your property trimmed back, can help to limit pigeons finding their way onto your roof. Additionally, these measures will also make your property less appealing for other pests such as squirrels, rats, and mice.

2. Professional Help – Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

Should the first option not succeed, or should there be a high level of activity, a professional solar panel pigeon proofing solution is the best option. Depending on your specific issue, our team will use a mixture of spikes, netting, as well as industry leading solar panel exclusion mesh. Once implemented, our pigeon proofing solution will guarantee the protection of your solar panels. 

How Much Does Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels Cost?

We do not offer a set price for pigeon proofing of solar panels. This is because each job is different. Solar panels come in different shapes as well as sizes. Additionally, access requirements for a bungalow are likely to be different in comparison to a three-storey town house. Sometimes scaffolding is needed for us to work safely. This will impact the overall price. There are further issues to consider with the pricing of our pigeon proofing solar panels service. This can include the level of fouling on site, as well as the number of pigeons.

Instead, we guarantee to offer you a free site survey. Our RSPH / BPCA trained surveyors will assess your requirements, as well as what access is needed for us to work safely. They will provide you a no-obligation typed quotation. We are constantly assessing our prices in comparison to others. This is to ensure they remain highly competitive at all times, across all areas we cover.

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